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My son can't get enough of this coding club!  He counts down the days to the next one, and he loves his mentor!

Learn To Code By Making Mods In Minecraft

Join our Minecraft Mod Club and learn how to code mods in Minecraft using Blocks, Python or Javascript. When you purchase you get a copy of Minecraft Education Edition, access to Minecraft coding tutorials and access to our weekly Mod With A Mentor videos.

You can also take part in our holiday Build Battles & Share your mods with other Minecraft Moders At The Code Zone.

Free 10 Day Trial

The best way to start coding, the best way to advance...

Learning to code is dead easy - as long as you have the right support available along the way, without it, learning to code can be frustrating and could put you off computers in general! All of our clubs and memberships include access to our mentors to guide and help your child along and get the best experience!

Join as a Game Dev Club "Hacker" and learn the fundamentals with Scratch and when you're ready to move on join Modder and learn Python - legitimately a very useful real world skill!


Learn to code...accidentally!

One of our mentors will give you a call to find out about your child, make sure they are in the right session for them and then on the day of your chosen session, just login and join us!

Drag & Drop

Transfer your knowledge of Scratch in to our python game engine, using python blocks to learn the basics of python


When you are ready, transition to writing the python - using blocks as hints if you need them!


Get more confident with the code by modding your game - work with the mentor to discover how code works and become a pro-coder!


Share your newly created game with other members in the club and show off all the fantastic mods you’ve made to your game!


Easy to follow, step-by-step video tutorials teach you how to code


Simple drag and drop code to create, and “hack” your own games


Play newly created games and share them with friends

Matt is enjoying it very much, and it's great to have some direction and inspiration otherwise he just makes similar projects


A decent internet connection, a laptop/desktop computer and access to a browser like Chrome to use The Code Zone Online platform. We're currently working on better supporting mobile and tablet devices, so for now you need a device that has a screen width of 12.9" or larger.
No, they won't get bored. We encourage more advanced coders to 'hack' our challenges. We want them to create something new that matters to them and stretches their creativity and coding abilities.
Yes, your child's safety is of paramount importance to us and we want to build a safe online community for young people. All Zone Leaders have enhanced DBS checks and our platform is fully secure with enhanced security features. All lobby chats and social sharing between participants will be moderated by our Zone Leaders.
Yes, our challenges are designed to be scalable for all skill levels and abilities. If your child is new to coding - they can complete our 'Skill of Scratch' mini-series course before tackling the main challenges. Each challenge starts with a video intro from a Zone Leader to set the scene, and challenge cards also give more support.

The Code Zone Online platform also has tutorials and mini-series guides and help blocks with tips to help users if they get stuck. And for Online + Community customers have live Zone Leader support on hand for a more personal tutorial style of session.
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