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Absolutely fantastic for the inventors of the future. I can't recommend it enough. 


Let us tell you! The Code Zone is an online portal made up of everything your child needs to learn code.

Coding is one of the fastest growing, in-demand skills worldwide and we saw a gap in the market that didn’t allow young children to learn the basics of coding in a way that kept them engaged and wanting more!

Our platform is designed so that your child learns something new about coding every time they log in, whilst they get to unleash their creativity, creating and playing their very own games!

From workshops to memberships, to special events and rewards - we make learning code fun!
As soon as you sign up you'll have instant access to 5 free gaming workshops that your child can complete to start their coding journey.

There’s no credit card required and you get to choose from over 120 (with more added weekly) workshops so there is something for every child!
We cater to all ability levels at The Code Zone, so whether your child has never coded before, or is coding whizz, there’s something for everyone inside of your free account.
That’s great news! We love to hear children enjoying their coding! If your child wants to continue, we have a couple of options that may suit them (all with flexible payment plans available.That’s great news! We love to hear children enjoying their coding! If your child wants to continue, we have a couple of options that may suit them (all with flexible payment plans available.

 Our Basic Membership will give your child access to all 120+ workshops inside of the platform. With live support, special events and progress rewards and tracking - it’s a great way for your child to continue learning to code at their own pace. You can find out more information here

Our Game Dev Club members get everything that is included in the basic membership package, but also receive 50+ live workshops per year led by one of our award winning zone leaders! This option is great if your child is looking to communicate and collaborate with other like minded coders, and want to challenge our zone leaders to beat their high score! Click here for more info. 

Our mentorship Program is a 1-to-1 service for the keen coders of the world. You’ll meet with your mentors for 1 hr each week to fast-track your child to the top of their class. We offer mentoring programs for both Scratch and Python. You can find more information here.
Just a modern computer with a stable internet connection and your eager child ready to learn code!

* Chrome is our recommended web browser for our platform.If you’re unsure whether your computer is modern enough.

Pop us a message here and we’ll help you out.
Absolutely! Our zone leaders are online every day from 9am-6pm to help your child progress through their online workshops.

To get help from one of our zone leaders, simply click the help bubble located inside of your user profile.
We don’t recommend learning to code through phones due to the size of the screen. However, tablets can be used as long as the screen size in a minimum of 12 inches.

To make things easier for your child, we recommend using a device with a keyboard.

My child requires extra support, is this suitable for them?

Yes! We have many children in our clubs and memberships who require more assistance when learning to code.

All workshops come with step-by-step guides, however sometimes our game dev club membership, or mentoring services are more suitable. We’d recommend you giving us a call so we can discuss your child's needs and advise you on the most suitable membership level for your child.
No - you’ll have access to 5 free gaming workshops as soon as you sign up with us - no credit card required.

If your child wants to continue their coding journey after this, we have basic membership, club membership and mentoring services available. - all with flexible payment options

Our monthly memberships have no contracts and you can cancel at any time. If you opt for one of our annual plans, you’ll have a 14 day cooling off period where you’re entitled to a full refund.

We’d recommend giving us a call to discuss which our services would be best for your child.

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