Day 4 - The Floor is LAVA Game JAM

A little catch up with what's been going on in the online Game Jam today! Day 4

Game Jam 2022 - Day 4


We have been seeing some wonderful work through the week for the first of our three big summer game jams!
We've been streaming each day if you'd like to see more of your young coders games that have been built from the ground up in motion!
As for today's afternoon game dev clubs Nikos created a fantastically whimsical roblox themed spin on our game of the week 'Parcel Panic'.
Max who has been doing such an amazing job today reading through his code and really engaging with his own problem solving approaches to hack ideas. Check out his hard work below that triggers a character to pop up and alert players to the end of the game.
Sidney brought us the start of his Ratchet and Clank inspired 'the floor is lava' game. complete with rising lava and platforming mechanics.
Franklin has also been cracking on with his own lava based platformer, except this time, in the style of the old classic 'doodle jump', he's also been incorporating a system where players will jump up and through the level.



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