Day 5 - The Floor is LAVA Game JAM

Last day of the floor is lava Game Jam 

Game Jam 2022 - Day 5
Lots more creation in the last day of our very first week in Game Jam!
Logan added in an optional hard mode, which makes the parcels travel faster on the conveyor belt! He also added some really fun honking sounds when you put the right parcel in the correct box and some finger snapping effects for when the game ends!
We are all familiar with Mira's projects by now! She picks the most gorgeous themes for her games. This time her game is set in the forest, and she even hired some workers to help out. Similarly to Logan, she added in an easy mode, that makes parcels go slower.
Just thought you guys would like to have a look at some regular game dev club projects in the middle of this game jam madness!
If you've not started your project yet, there is still time.
The Game Jam is free for all members, and you can join any time before it closes tomorrow night. Just log in and chat with the mentors about how to get involved.
We'll be doing a big round-up stream on Tuesday afternoon where we'll look through loads of the projects that have been submitted. Honestly, I am so excited to see what everyone has been up to! 
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Take care,
Tom and the Mentor Team! :)



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