Hopping into week 2 of our Game Jam

Game Jam 2023: Hopping Mad Week 2
With Easter behind us we are diving straight back into the nitty gritty of picking up coding skills and ideating our own games in the Game Dev clubs.
This week in our Modder level Game Dev clubs we got cracking on with the latest in our MakeCode titles, 'Moon Lander', where players have to carefully navigate their landing craft down between hazardous rock formations to the safe landing platform below.
Many of our modders, young and older got straight to business with their guided hacks where a UI overlay pops onto the screen and guides our landing crafts with an arrow pointing towards the platform our players seek. Some of our newer coders over the holiday who attempted the guided hack demonstrated some stellar debugging skills by assessing and identifying any issues that arose and working with myself or their fellow coders to find the root cause in their code. Awesome stuff!
Of course our Easter Game Jam with a theme of 'Hopping Mad,' there's been some wonderful work produced on a range of project genres from 'visual novels' to platformers to adventure games! I took particular joy this afternoon in witnessing the creation of a globetrotting bunny adventure where we learn all about each country we visit. Another work in progress from the afternoon that we can't wait to see more of features a 'Getting Over It' style game where a bunny must hop to the top of a series of obbstacle ridden hills.
Be sure to check out the Game Jam section of your Code Zone dashboards once the event has wrapped up to have a crack at all the shared games.
Speaking of which, please remind your coders to go ahead and hit that big green 'Share' button in the code card of their Game Jam project if they wish to have their game displayed alongside all the other entries!
We hope you guys enjoy the rest of your holidays and be sure to keep messaging us in your chat bubbles if you have any code questions or issues whatsoever!


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