Minecraft Mod Club: Our Top 5 Minigame Mods

Top 5 favourite Minecraft Minigames

Minecraft Mod Club: Our Top 5 Minigame Mods

Over the summer holidays, our Minecraft Mod Club mentors have been coding and playing some of Minecraft Minigames. We asked them to put together a list of of their Top 5 favourite Minecraft Minigames and what they loved about them:

Number 1 - Jelly Jump
Jelly Jump was one of our first Minecraft Minigames and our mentors still play it to this day. The aim of the game is to land on the jelly platform in order to make your way safely to the ground - you can even try to be brave and try to skip a few platforms in order to beat your friends to the bottom! This game is great for modding as you can generate as many platforms as you want. You also have the ability to make each platform as big as you like, perfect for playing with a large group of friends!

Number 2 - Spleef
Spleef is a Minecraft classic! Anyone familiar with Minecraft will know that Spleef is a multiplayer game that involves shovelling the snow under your rival's feet in order to get them to fall through the floor. In our version of Spleef, the game is played over several levels and the very bottom level has lava! See how many of your friends you can send to the fiery pit below, but be careful not to fall in yourself or it is game over! Mod this game by adjusting how many platforms you and your friends have to fall through or even make it a PvP battle and equip yourself with swords :D 

Number 3 - Pig Fishing
Similar to 'Hook a Duck', this two-player Minecraft Minigame generates a big pool with two platforms for the players to stand on. Equipped with a fishing rod, the aim of the game is to hook as many pigs as you can before the timer runs out and place them within your basket. Whoever has the most pigs, wins! Jaz and Calum had a great time with this game; they modded this game to be a dolphin filled blue swimming pool - very cute! 

Number 4 - Glider
Just as the name suggests, in this game the player has to glide through a series of 10 rings using a pair of elytra wings. This game can be played in a multitude of ways - you can try and get to the bottom without hitting any of the rings, or you can race your friends to the bottom and see who can make it there the fastest! If this game is a bit too tricky, you can always adjust the ring size within the code :)

Number 5 - Monster Arena
In this mod, the player is placed into a fighting arena where waves and waves of enemies will come and attack! If players can survive until Round 10 then will be awarded with a Netherite Sword for some serious hacking and slashing. Play with other Minecraft friends and see how many waves you can endure together, or make it into a competition to see who can survive the longest in Monster Arena. This is code uses a lot of functions so it makes for fun practice on how to use these coding blocks in Minecraft Coding. 

We hope you've enjoyed our Minecraft Minigame series this summer - let us know your favourites!

Until next time, happy building everyone :)


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