Minecraft Round Up - Let's play Spleef ⚔️

In this week's Minecraft Mod Club, we are continuing our Minecraft Mini Game Series by coding your own Spleef Arena!

Minecraft Round Up - Let's play Spleef

Anyone familiar with Minecraft will know that Spleef is a multiplayer game that involves shovelling the snow under your rival's feet in order to get them to fall through the floor. In our version of Spleef, the game will be played over several levels and the very bottom one will have lava. Play with friends and see if you can survive without falling into the firey pit below! 

The Spleef Arena is created through generating several platforms by using repeat code blocks along with two variables: 'number of platforms' and 'set height'. The walls are built up with glass in order for light to come through, whereas the the floor is made of snow - to make the shovelling for the player instant. Once the platforms have been generated, we use a 'fill with' coding  block to create the lava at the bottom before using the 'teleport' block to send all the players to the top level so the fight can begin!

With the use of the variables, you can make as many or as few platforms as you like. Use more platforms and have a big knock out tournament with your friends, or use fewer platforms and have a sudden death match between you and one other player and see who will be the last survivor! You can make Spleef even more interesting by checking out our 'Playing with Friends' Minecraft World - there you will find all sorts of fun and unique mods that can make your game more exciting. Give yourself super powers, teleport players to different platforms or go really crazy and start using TNT to ensure your victory!

Drop us a message in the chat to let us know how you did in Spleef - would you like us to hold a big Spleef game for our next Minecraft Mod Club online event? 

Until next time, happy building!


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