STEM Learning at The Code Zone

Discover where STEM learning is applied to our coding curriculum in our online code clubs!

STEM Learning at The Code Zone!

Did you know the Code Zone was officially certified by earlier this year? It was a huge accomplishment, showing recognition for the hard work that goes into the content that the mentors create for the children in our Game Dev Clubs. The STEM Certification means that our curriculum covers all aspects of STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. We would also like to add Arts in there as well!

The benefits of learning STEM at a young age are endless. It can start a lifelong career in each of the 4 industries, or a love of learning and a passion for problem solving and inquiry. We encourage our young coders to practice each of the STEM subjects whilst learning to code in our online code clubs. 


Guided Hacks 

As children begin to learn code in our code clubs, we give guided hacks to pair with fun mentor-made games to play. These guided hacks are coding concepts that children will learn and practice by modding the game and changing outcomes in the game. 


These guided hacks, an integral part of learning code through game play, allow children to practice each STEM category. From adding appropriate physics to a game, like friction or gravity, or applying mathematics like adding more enemies & doubling points, children get to practice and learn each STEM category to a deeper level as they progress in the Code Zone. 


What are the benefits of learning STEM? 

Learning the concepts of science, engineering, technology and mathematics can build solid skills needed for any career in the future. Especially in this digital age, having knowledge in each category is a perk for any career. 

Problem solving - Each STEM category delves into problem solving, enquiry based learning, and strategy. Learning the concepts in STEM can help children apply critical thinking skills and learn to solve problems not just in coding but in other aspects of life. Girl on The Code Zone


Creativity - While you may not think of science or math as the most creative subjects, creativity has a sneaky way of being applied in every STEM category. Children can apply their knowledge of STEM to be creative and create games that incorporate science, math, engineering and technology elements. This is also the part where we think the arts also come into play. They are all interconnected to give more opportunity to create projects, allowing children to express themselves. 


Empowerment - Learning STEM can bring confidence and empower children from every background to learn, grow and improve their knowledge of each subject. Our Code Clubs help children to feel confident when learning STEM and coding concepts together. It is amazing to see students grow and become more excited about their skills!


Resilliance - Practicing expieriementation and failure in STEM & coding can teach children resilliance and adaptability. As they try, fail and try again, STEM teaches them to persist in the face of setbacks. We often see this in our online coding clubs as the children encounter errors in code and need to work through solving these errors. It builds confidence and resilliance to keep trying to find answers for their projects. 


To conclude, learning STEM can be very rewarding for children. It can give them skills in problem solving, innovation, empowerment, creativity and so much more. Learning coding skills at The Code Zone, children can practice not just code, but also skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths as they learn to mod games. Each new game and guided hack touches on the concepts of STEM, giving children valuable skills to take with them in the future!


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