Wecome Back to Game Dev Club!

We are making a bold come back with Battle Tanks!


Welcome Back to Game Dev Club!
Welcome back! It is so nice to see everyone's refreshed faces after the half-term break! This week we are hacking The Code Zone's latest Scratch game: Battle Tanks!
In this defence game, the player controls a lone tank that has to escape from enemy fire. By manoeuvring the tank and using some of its own missiles, players have to survive as long as possible to get the highest score.
Of course the first thing our hackers wanted to do was the Guided Hack which gives our tank a sneaky little land mine to help keep those pesky enemies at bay! We utilise some keyboard sensing code which allowed us to deploy our mine at the touch of a button. By using some colour changing effect blocks and by coding in a timer, our tank can keep track of where the mine is and when it will blow, making it oh-so fun to lead enemy tanks straight into its path - BOOM!
My Tuesday group loved the Guided Hack so much that they were very eager to add some more weapons into Battle Tanks such as flamethrowers, rockets and machine guns. We decided to code in a power-up booster which would grant us the new weapon. By using randomisation code, our power-up pop-up would appear at random points and random times on the screen for the player to pick up. By using a variable, the power up would become active upon touching the tank and thus would grant the brand new weapon - cool!
One last thing... a big well done to all our members who participated in our Evolution Game Jam last week. There were some really amazing games and your creativity never fails to impress! There's still time to share your project for it to be added to our Game Jam Page - if you need any help doing this just drop one of us mentors a message and we will show you how to share the project 🙂


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