climpuright chase

by LoganBicknell

new game

climpuright chase

-dodge the eumaterrymed,invistalker,boucingchomper and much more!

-play 1 player by pressing g

-control player 1=arrow jump by pressing space,disguise by pressing p

-control player jump by pressing 1,disguise by pressing 2

-give ideas for updates


-working on featues-

shrek skin animation glitch

-beach backdrop-

-new ablites-


update 1.0

-improved invistalker code

-added cloneing

-added 3 new maps

-secret shrek skin


update 1.1

-added new map

-added bouncingchompper

-added points system


update 1.2

-added 2 new maps

-added eletricmed

-added new ability(disguising)

-added lasers

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