Recap: Spring 2024 Game Jam - Egg-cellent Adventures Galore!

What an Egg-citing end to the Spring Game Jam 2024!

Game Jam Round up | Egg-cellent Adventure!

As of Friday this week, the Spring 2024 Game Jam has come to an end, leaving behind a trail of egg-citing adventures crafted by talented coders. With the theme "Egg-cellent Adventure" in mind, participants unleashed their creativity and coding prowess to deliver a diverse array of egg-themed games that captivated players and mentors alike.

From traditional Easter motifs to futuristic Egg adventures, the submissions showcased the boundless imagination of the coding community. One standout entry embraced the festive spirit of Easter with an quirky Easter Quiz, challenging players with egg-themed trivia and puzzles. Another entry took us to a snowy wonderland, where a cute bouncing bunny was on a quest to collect Easter eggs.

However, it wasn't just about fluffy bunnies and Easter eggs; some entries took players on  journeys out of this world! One such game featured a thrilling showdown between a huge space-Egg-monster and a daring spaceship armed with laser beams! Talk about cosmic chaos!

Throughout the Game Jam, participants demonstrated not only their technical code skills but also their passion & creativity for game development. We love the hard work you all have put into this Game Jam!

Until next time, happy coding!


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