Minecraft Round Up - Let's Play Dropper

In this week's Minecraft Mod Club, we are continuing our Minecraft Mini Game Series by coding our very own game of Dropper!

Minecraft Round Up - Let's Play Dropper

Dropper is a popular game in the Minecraft world where players are teleported high into the sky to start on a floating block. To win Dropper, the players have to fall from the top block and try to reach the bottom without being hit by any of the floating obstacle blocks on the way down - a lot harder than it actually sounds! 

The floating blocks are generated using a function which repeatedly places blocks at random 250 times over. You can modify how high or wide your game of Dropper is by editing the coordinates in the randomisation code. You can also further modify this code to make it your own by changing the distance between the floating blocks or by giving the whole game a brand new look. Swap out the colour blocks for one of your choice - we love using the terracotta Minecraft blocks when restyling our worlds! 

We also coded in a nifty feature which checks if the players are ever touching one of the floating blocks - if so they are teleported back up to the starting block which is very cool! Furthermore, we coded it so that the blocks at the base are also checked for this condition - so if the players do manage to win and get to the bottom, they can simple stand on one of these blocks to be teleported back up from round 2. 


Drop us a message in the chat to let us know how you did in Dropper - would you like us to hold a big Dropper game for our next Minecraft Mod Club online event? 

Until next time, happy building!


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