Tom's Weekly Round-Up 3rd April

Everyone loved this week's game Scaredy Crows - but what's coming up next?

Tom's Round up 3rd April


Tom here. Hope you're well! Whilst the game play of this week's project, Scaredy Crows, went down very well with everyone, I'm rather unpopular with the other mentors for making them listen to the same bit of banjo music from the game, all week long!

That said, the children were the saving grace with many of them dramatically improving the game by finding a new song or even editing their own.

Otterly really impressed us with his rather dark take on the game and the attention to detail that it had as well.

It was the music, Crow's Demise as he called it, that nailed the vibe though. It took me a moment, but I realised that he had edited the original banjo music to play much slower and in reverse to top off the terrifying tone.

Meanwhile, I had the pleasure of helping Noah with his latest project, The Quest, a homage to some of the original Zelda games. It still has a while to go before it's finished, but watching little pixel art Link walk around a scrolling map was really rather satifsying.

Now and again we a game in the content team that I enjoy "testing" a little too much, and this was definitely one of them!

As always, shout if you need us!

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