Take intermediate knowledge to the advanced level!

Build projects that leverage some of the most advanced aspects of coding. If you want to have a career in programming or have the goal of developing your own game using engines such as Unity, then this is the code club for you!

At The Code Zone Architect code club, you'll work with a professional mentor to fully understand how to build large full-scale games. Every week you will test your limits by working on a new challenge all based around making a fun game.  

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Push the boundaries of coding and become an expert!

Leverage the absolute power of code and master the skills to build professional quality games!

I've tried learning how to build larger games in the past, but I wasn't able to get my head around the complex things. This code club has made it possible!

Our coding clubs are supported by expert mentors helping children to learn to code

Work through tutorials, try out your skills,
meet your mentor once a week

We have live sessions with your mentor once a week, but outside of that we're also online every day! Use your time to work through the basics, learn the theory and work with your mentor in the club to practice your skills.


Learn to code...accidentally!

One of our mentors will give you a call to find out about you, make sure you are in the right session and then on the day of your chosen session, just login and join us!


Sharpen your skills by focusing on advanced coding and game development techniques. Every week we focus on a new skill to learn.

Start as a code club Modder in blocks before progressing on to learn to code in Python


Get deep into the syntax side of things and really understand all there is to know about coding.

Build games in Python


Build up a project by adding new mods every week. In the architect code club, we use a step-by-step process to make sure everything sinks in!


Share your newly created game with other members in the club and show off all the fantastic mods you’ve made to your game!

Share games the children have built in this code club with other members


If you are a Minecraft fan, join the Minecraft Mod Club and practice your skills in blocks or even Python, by modding a game you're super familiar with.

Meeting every week with my mentor Tom has really boosted my confidence and given me the drive to seriously consider coding as a full-time career.

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